Voice & tone and brand values

Our brand values are:

Voice & Tone

Our voice & tone will be simple, educational and family orientated

Colour pallet

  1. The first colour that we decided to use was a shade of green as it represents growth, nature and hope as students minds are grown through education in school and will give them hope for the future.
  2. The next 3 colours we choose to use where different shades grey as it the colour of intellect, knowledge and wisdom. Which are all to do with school and learning. They alls have a good contrast between the 3 colours
  3. The next colour we choose was white as it is serene and calming.
  4. The final colour we choose was black as it represents power and sophistication.



After deciding on the colour of our application we then decided on what our name was gonna be. So after brainstorming and thinking of many different names we finally landed on Educare which is latin for educate.

We thought this would be a great name for our brand as the first part is edu which is educate and then care for the caring environment teachers try and create in school and the same environment we want to create in our application.


Brand Collage