Vytautas Alechnavicius, Lead UX at Tesco, shared his journey to service cancellation with Vodafone on his YouTube channel and created a challenge around it.

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Challenge: How can you help retain the customers for Vodafone, but also provide with optimal user experience for those who choose to cancel their account?

Goal: Users would like to cancel a Vodafone service in just a few clicks without wasting too much time on the phone, or while trying to contact someone. Cancelling a service should be the quickest think possible despite the countless efforts from the ISP to change you decision.

My role: UX Designer

Duration: 3 weeks - May 2021


Generally, people seems to be lost when trying to cancel a service, no matter the device or the platform (website, application or phone).

Tweet complaining about Vodafone service.

Tweet complaining about Vodafone service.

Vodafone claims to have a dedicated team to handle cancellations, however a lot of people seem to face long waiting periods that do not convert in talking to somebody from customer service.

On average, people spend more than 30 minutes trying to cancel a service, and sometimes these delays can cost more than £300.

<aside> 💡 KEY FINDINGS People either want to use the app or the website or call the customer service to cancel a service. Moreover, the cancellation problem could cost a lot of money to customers


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