You conversational AI application can be surfaced in voice channels over IVR, through the browser or a voice assitant.

A common tasks during an interaction is to present the person with a list of choices to select from then process the result using voice.

In this How To, you'll learn how to create a dialog that presents the user with a multi-choice prompt with 3 possibly options.

You'll also learn how to set the speech property of the prompt and to echo the selection back to the user over voice.

Finally, you'll learn see how to quickly test your conversational AI voice capability by using the Simulator.

Step 1 - Create the Dialog and Prompt

  1. First, create a new dialog in UI Builder called VocalizeChoices.

<aside> 💡 You can learn how to create dialogs here.


  1. Add a new Prompt with multi-choice by clicking on the + node and selecting the following:


With the multi choice added the properties can now be set.