This page shows some examples of how you can set up a vision or mood board using Notion. The top example uses a combination of Notion's different types of blocks and placing them in columns. Columns don't all have to be the same size so this can be used to create some variation. Below that uses a Gallery View and Board View with the cards showing the content of the page. Both examples use the same content - images from Unsplash.

But first, here are some advantages and disadvantages of each method:

Blocks & columns

➕ Much more creative freedom

➕ Be able to use all of Notion's blocks, including quotes, links, headings, ...

➖ Not every image will have a title, you'll have to add that yourself

➖ Won't look the same on different display or window sizes

Gallery / Board View

➕ Well structured

➕ Easy to add new content & additional data such as tags

➖ Mostly limited to images

➖ Looks a bit dull for a vision/mood board

1. Vision Board using blocks & columns


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