What we're doing, and why we're doing it.

🌍 Our Vision - The 'Why'

Democratise investing

We want a world where everyone has equal rights to participate in global prosperity. No matter who you are, where you're from, or how much money you have.

Fund local experts

We believe that local experts should have the chance to get their ideas and visions funded as well. Currently, only big funds are receiving capital from investors. Equalising the funding will help innovative projects to grow.

Promote impact investing

We want a world where more money benefits the people and the environment. We want more funds to positively impact the world at large. We believe in ESG investing (Environment / Social / Governance) and impact investing.

Foster blockchain use

Our financial system still hinders many countries and even continents to participate equally in global growth and creates a two class society. We want to bring the world one step closer together, by creating bridges and tearing down walls.

🚀 Our Mission - The 'What'

We democratise financial markets by lowering entry barriers, eliminating middlemen, and increasing transparency:

Reduced fees and ticket sizes By lowering fees and ticket sizes, we allow more people to invest, increase profits for investors, and lower costs for fund managers. A win-win-win.

Automating tasks We reduce repetitive and error-prone manual tasks, standardise subscriptions, and automate processes. We believe in working smarter, not harder.

Shorter hold periods An integrated secondary market for fund shares allows fund managers to offer an alternative to costly redemptions. Investing for just three years? No problem. Do you want to hold your investment for seven years? This is also possible — all within one efficient closed-ended vehicle.

Fewer middlemen By using Blockchain technology, we enable trading without counter-party risk. We aim to obviate the need to employ third parties for bookkeeping, clearing and settling trades.

Increased transparency We believe in creating transparency for investors, fund managers, and fund administrators. We aim to define a new standard for investment funds with fair fees for all parties.

❓ Why does this all matter?

We are stronger together

All of us are connected to a kind of fund in some sense. We pay money to health insurances, and pension funds. This money is invested in infrastructure funds, which build our hospitals or our electricity grid. The more efficient we make investment funds operate the more money is returned to us, the beneficiaries of these funds.

Creating a global infrastructure

As small as our startup may seem, we are pushing global players to rethink how they do business. We make the financial market more transparent and giving back the power of investments back to the people.

⚓️ Our Principles - The 'How'