Our vision is to create the world’s most significant literary museum, bringing visitors on an inspiring journey through Irish writing, and encouraging them to explore their own creative potential.


Our mission is to exhibit materials which relate to the literary culture of Ireland from its earliest forms to the present, with a special focus on the work of James Joyce, both within the museum’s buildings and online; to collect, preserve, and interpret these materials and encourage an exploration of creativity, reading and writing through educational and artistic interventions for visitors and guests; to provide space and a collaborative resource for the research and development of projects fostering connections to Joyce and writing in Ireland up to and including the present day.


Pride: Taking pride in our literary heritage, we acknowledge the unique contribution Ireland has made to the international literary landscape.

Creativity: The raw energy of creativity is transformative: we believe that all members of our society should be empowered to harness their creative potential.

The Written Word: The power and value of the considered written word, in material and non- material form, is a beacon in the storm of increasingly transient forms of communication.

Education: We believe in the democratic potential of education, and note the role that writing plays in engaging society with new ideas.

Courage To Experiment: Irish writing has continuously provoked, challenged and questioned artistic and social orthodoxy. We encourage courageous experimentation in all areas of our work and believe firmly in trying, failing, learning and trying again.

Equality: We believe in the power of literature to divine the very heart of diverse human experiences. We are ambitious for similar equality of outcome in all aspects of our work.

Goodwill: We endeavour to treat our staff, visitors and partners with unfailing good humour, honesty and goodwill.