Trying to build team culture? To create some unity, sometimes it all starts with writing down what the team is working toward in the long run and why.

A plain text doc just doesn't spark inspiration and more aesthetic alternatives just take too long to put together.

This is where Notion can help!

Get started right away with this template when creating a page or keep scrolling to learn how to put one together from scratch.

Step 1: Create sections for some structure

Once you've created a new page, let's add in three sections to start: one for your vision, mission, and values.

Now to create a section, we'll just create header texts and add in some dividers. Both can be added with the help of a slash command (/) or by clicking the [+] button on a new line in the editor.

Step 2: Document your vision, mission, and values

It's time to get introspective and write out why it is the team does what it does and where you're hoping to build toward. Just start typing away as you would in any text editor.

To avoid a messy laundry list of values, let's add in a bullet list with a slash command (/).

Step 3: Organize the page for ease of reference

We don't want this thing to read like a manuscript - the less scrolling the better. Let's add in some columns to make the page more easily scannable.

Highlight the 'Our Mission' section and drag-and-drop to the right of the 'Our Vision' section. Don't sweat it if you don't get it on the first try. A little practice makes perfect. It might help to drag things over one -by-one.