<aside> 💡 Pento actively supports new and existing employees with visas and relocation. However, to ensure this is sustainable and of mutual benefit for both the company and employees, we have defined a set of scenarios in which we will sponsor visas and relocation, as well as scenarios where we will not.


Our approach to visas

Pento has significantly invested in a global hiring infrastructure through partnerships with various Employers of Record (EORs), who allow us to hire in countries where we don’t have our own legal entity. These partners also provide visa support, which enables us to hire people from many different nationalities across various countries. Our approach to visas is defined by the scenarios that qualify for sponsorship by Pento, rather than where we do or do not sponsor (although location is a factor).

What will you pay for?

Once visa sponsorship is confirmed, Pento will cover the majority of costs associated with processing the visa. However, any costs related to traveling to the country for in-person processing will not be covered. We will only reimburse costs if they have been agreed upon in advance.

We also have a claw-back process in place: If you leave Pento within 6 months of your visa process, 100% of the costs associated with this process may be requested, or 50% if within 6 months to 1 year.

What qualifies for visa sponsorship ✅


Current employees

What doesn’t qualify for visa sponsorship ❌