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Please be advised that while every effort will be made to post accurate meeting information or links, there may be instances in which a meeting has re-opened or changed status and the information has not yet reached us. Due to the continually evolving COVID-19 situation, it’s highly recommended you call or email a contact for the meeting, if one is available, to insure there will be a meeting-or consider attending phone or online meetings.

If you are unable to find a convenient local virtual or in-person meeting your district, the WSO (Al-Anon World Service Office) maintains a database of electronic & telephone Al-Anon meetings world-wide, free of charge: Meetings

See an error in meeting information? Broken link? Has your meeting information changed? Please let the ASCT know as soon as possible, so we can promptly correct it! Please contact us at or [757-499-1443](tel: 757-499-1443)

District 01: Albemarle

For an Albemarle District virtual meetings list, please email or call [(434) 972-7011](tel:(434) 972-7011)

District 02: Springfield-Annandale

Meeting information can be found at:

District 03: Arlington

Meeting information can be found at:

District 04: Blue Ridge

Meeting information can be found at:

District 05: Bull Run

Meeting information can be found at:

District 06: Central Valley

Meeting information for this district currently unavailable-we have reached out to the district and group representatives, and will place information here once it is available to us.