Updated: September 16, 2020


The Hopin Expo area will enable your exhibitor to showcase their products and programs over video to your virtual audience. Here is an example. To maximize reach, we suggest that teams also have someone participate in the “Networking” area of Hopin during the event, which pairs attendees up randomly for brief video chats. Between the Expo and Networking options, your team can increase touchpoints with attendees during the event.

If you’d like to watch the content on the “Stage” area of the event, Hopin recommends keeping your expo booth page open in a separate browser window to monitor the booth chat and the number of viewers visiting the booth.

Note: Hopin requires recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari 11 or greater.

Before the event: building your booth

Account Setup

You will need to create an account on Hopin before accessing any virtual events. You can sign up through a Google account, LinkedIn, or with any email address.

Planning your virtual expo booth

We suggest aligning on answers to the following 3 questions:

  1. Live stream, pre-recorded video, or both? Your virtual expo booth can feature a live stream video chat/screen share or a pre-recorded video. Moderators can also toggle between the two options and, for example, only staff the live video chat during breaks and networking sessions.
  2. Call to action? Your virtual expo booth includes a prominent, clickable button that will either send you the viewer's email address or redirect them to a webpage of your choosing. You get to decide.
  3. Add an Event Offer? Your virtual expo booth includes the option to highlight a special offer. You can call out your existing nonprofit pricing program or offer a custom discount for AGG attendees.

Inviting Vendors to Build Their Booth

Event Organizers can invite vendors to create and manage their own expo booth:


In the Expo tab of your event dashboard, click the Invite Vendors button: