In this document you can find all the information required to successfully organize a virtual event. Please use the table of contents to easily access the parts of the document.



<aside> ℹ️ In this section of the brief a short summary of the event containing the purpose of the event should be provided. Knowing the purpose of the event will allow us to understand the goal of the event which will help throughout the execution of the event.


Details & Scope

<aside> ℹ️ Please provide the details and scope of the event. The best way to do this would be to provide the numbers regarding the event (date and time, number of halls, sessions, booths etc.).


Start date and time of the event:

End date and time of the event:

Number of halls:

Number of booths:

Number of salespeople (Will there be people in the booths ready to speak to the attendees)

Number speakers:

Will you require an event website?

Will there be a registration form? Or will you be sending the participant list?

<aside> ⚠️ A kick-off meeting will be held after the brief to make sure everyone is aligned and to better understand the details of the event.



<aside> ⚠️ Please identify one person will be in contact with our Project Coordinator. This person should have the authority to make decisions regarding all the aspects of the event. This is very important, having a single point of contact will increase the speed of communications thus insuring timely delivery.