A selection of resources about how to learn Vim

Items learned



Single character navigation
H - Left
J - Down
K - Up
L - Right

Word-based navigation
w - **w**ord, start of
e - word, **e**nd of
b - **b**ackwards, by word start
ge - backward end (b + e)
W, E and B consider non alpha-numeric characters to be part of the "word"

Line navigation

0 - first character
^ - first non-blank
g_ last non-blank
$ last character
<num>| - column <num>

/tab/tab# Go the processOrder line/tab/tab
0       ^                        g_      $
($ and g_ are typically the same if you trim trailing whitespace!)

( back a sentence
) forward a sentence

{ back a paragraph
} forward a paragraph


f<char> = find forwards in line, stop on match
t<char> = Find forwards in line, stop before match
F/T... search backwards

; = repeat search forwards
, = repeat search backwards

% find the matching brace! ({[]})

Line Finding

1| gg (shortcut for 1G
4| 4n (Line number 4)
6| 75% (75% of the file)
8| G

CTRL+G to see how many lines there are in the file.
g is "go"
n is "Navigate to line"


Up screen: CTRL+B  "Back it up! (Further!)"
	Up half: CTRL+U  "Up"
	Up line: CTRL+Y  "Yesterday"
Down line: CTRL+E  "Extra 1"
Down half: CTRL+D  "Down"
Down full: CTRL+F  "Further Down"

Move the current line to the... (Zoom to line)
zt = top
zz = middle
zb = bottom