Introducing Vikrant Duggal

Who is Vikrant?

My name is Vikrant Duggal (Vikrant rhymes with croissant and Duggal rhymes with Google). I'm an independent consultant who previously ran revenue teams at 4 startups (2 exits), and sales teams at 2 F100 companies. I hold a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington. I live near Atlanta, Georgia. Today I:

You should read my Fund Memo for LPs to see what I'm looking for!

My investing process

I won’t invest in everything. I’ve designed my process to help me understand you and the opportunity. I've also designed this process to help you (regardless of outcome) create more clarity, increase your energy, and a increase your sense of conviction.

After investing

I am grateful for the opportunity to invest (and I'll likely tell you this from time to time). If you need more money to close your round, I will help you.

You may also be asking this question, "Vik, what do I do now?" See "How to contact me" below.

What you get from me

Founders with companies in my portfolio will tell you some version of: "Vikrant provides a crazy amount of value."