Understanding the details when you view the Candidates table

When you go to the Populate, generate, download & print coded sheets link and to the View tab, you see the details of all the candidates that you have uploaded to that particular task:


The table

Code - This is the 6-digit Code assigned to each candidate. If you want to view a particular script, click on that Code.

First Name and Last Name - The name of the candidate as uploaded in the candidate details.

Group - The class or group of the candidate.

Scaled Score - When judging has been completed for a task, this will be the score given to a script based on the scale used. You can sort the Scaled Score from high to low or vice versa by clicking on the column heading.

Note: If judging has been completed and you cannot see the Scaled Scores, refresh the data for the task by clicking on the Refresh icon beside the task name on the left hand side (the circular arrow).

Anchor - This indicates whether the candidate has been imported into the task as an anchor script. Details of how to create your own anchor scripts are provided here.

Export - You can also create your own anchor sets to use with other tasks - this column indicates whether candidates have been exported as anchors.

YG/Grade - The candidate's year group / grade.

PP - Indicates the pupil premium status of the candidate, if applicable.

Absentee - Indicates whether or not the candidate has been identified by the school as an absentee - i.e. a candidate who will not be taking the assessment.

Pages - This is how many pages have been assigned to each candidate. It is worth a quick check that the number of pages for each candidate are as expected. In order to check for candidates with no scripts, for example, you can sort the Pages from high to low or vice versa by clicking on the column heading.

The buttons