Because many email clients (including major providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!, and Windows Live) do not support embedding videos into emails, Sendloop doesn't recommend that you include videos in the emails you send.

<aside> 💡 Using GIFs One alternative to embedding a video is to include an animated GIF.


How to Embed an Image

You can embed GIFs (which are basically animated images) or a thumbnail image of a video in your emails.

  1. Upload your file to a hosting site (if you aren't able to host your own files, you can use a service like Flickr or Google Photos).
  2. Make note of the link to your file.
  3. In your email template, include the appropriate HTML snippet to embed your file. For example, this will embed an image hosted at yourImageUrl that displays alt text (used for screen readers and other adaptive devices) saying yourImageDescription and is sized 200 pixels by 200 pixels: <img src="yourImageUrl" alt="yourImageDescription" style="width:304px;height:228px;">

Including a Thumbnail Image of a Video

YouTube is a popular video hosting service that you may be using. If you want to include a thumbnail image of a YouTube video, your the URL to use in your HTML follows this format:<insert_youtube_video_id>/maxresdefault.jpg