Vibeji cho Đội Nhóm (Tiếng Việt)


<aside> 💯 is a platform for booking & hosting experiences. After more than a year operating in Vietnam, we have built a large inventory of excellent human-powered experiences, activities and workshops, both virtual and in-person.

We have partnered with corporates, communities and startups by bringing our hosts network to them for team engagement and learning.

Our mission is to help fuel the next generation of epic teams in Vietnam!


How Vibeji helps teams across Vietnam

From over 150+ experiences on our platform, we've selected the most qualified hosts and best experiences for your team and communities.

<aside> 🤝 For Team Engagement


<aside> 🙌 For Team Learning/Education


Christmas Vibes are back in December 21!

[EN] Vibeji Christmas Vibes 21 - Intro.pdf

All-in-one Solution

Vibeji has been supporting companies and startups with all engagement and learning needs

<aside> 🌱 Top Experiences Handpicked selection of highly qualified hosts and latest relevant topics to develop an epic team.


<aside> 🕓 Timed to fit your schedule Vibes will be airdropped to your team upon request — available both online or offline.