So I have a vision to co-create spaces and places where people can connect with themselves, the deeper nudges of their inspiration, and each other in spacious, authentic and liberating ways. These spaces and places are an invitation to listen for, discover and articulate our heart / soul song and vision from a ground of presence and being-ness. Creating countless interweaving opportunities to show up, share our gifts and synergize.

This vision first came to me when I was a monk, living in a forest monastery in Sri Lanka. It came in the form of what I call a “download”. A compressed visionary idea that arose in an instant and then continued to unpack itself over the following days and years. It has gently evolved since but the essential seed has remained the same.

The vision is simple:

Harmony with our true self and reflected selves

Harmony with each other as reflections of our selves

Harmony with life and nature in all its guises

I see this as a place that is not exactly an ashram, not exactly a university, yet something that has attributes of both and also an energy and consciousness entirely its own. A place to encourage inner reflection and outer integration of life’s fullness in a variety of creative, playful and engaging ways.

The way ahead, as I see it, for those who resonate with this to come together and connect regularly - both online and offline. One of my friends calls this "Clusters of resonance and networks of clusters". This way we get to know each other, deepen trust, grow together, support each other, challenge and inspire each other.

This builds capacity for deeper sharing, caring and also a more conscious connection with nature. Often such communities integrate many of their needs vertically – they begin to grow their own food, generate their own power and build their own homes. Livelihoods tends to be more creative, soulful and everyone is appreciated for what they do, as it adds value to the collective. Children are educated in more intuitive and innovative ways, and everybody ENJOYS learning and experimenting together.

I feel this is something many of us are consciously and unconsciously seeking. Perhaps living in small communities with shared purpose is encoded in our being - not just so we can survive, but so that we can thrive. Such communities offer a saner pace of life, more time to enjoy the simple things with many opportunities to learn from each other and also the guests that come.

I see this as a place where people from all walks of life can come for short and long periods of time to learn inspiring life skills to lead a more physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced and fulfilling life. Then they can stay on and be a part of the community or return to their normal lives refreshed, awakened and committed to contributing in wholesome ways wherever they find themselves.

This vision has been strong within me ever since it first came to me over a decade ago.  It seems to have a life of its own and is seeking people that are willing to come together and align themselves to bring it to fruition. I trust that the right people, places, resources and talents will show up and that this vision will graciously take shape. I have a sense that the whole process of its conception, creation and actualization will bring together, elevate and transform us all in stunning, grace-filled ways.

The example and presence of this place will inspire countless more such spaces and places where entire communities re-discover what it means to slow down to the speed of life.

Enjoying life.

Witnessing life.

One with life.

And so it is!

How to Participate in this Vision?

If you would like to participate in this vision, please visit: