The Very Good Table (VGT) API makes it easy to seamlessly add records to VGT and to wire up automations from VGT back to your application. These docs will walk through the process of setting up an integration.

For the examples below, we'll use a table with the following fields configured:

Field Name Field Type
Company ID Unique ID
Company Name Text
Number of Employees Number
Contract Value Currency
Expected Close Date Date
International? Checkbox


To use any of the endpoints in the VGT API, you'll need to provide an API key in each request's Authorization header.

You can create new keys and revoke existing keys from Workspace Settings > API.


To use a token, specify it in your Authorization header (don't forget the "Bearer"):

Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY

Records API

Read, create, or update records in a given table.

<aside> 🔑 A note on Unique IDs

Very Good Table allows you to optionally designate one field in your table as a Unique ID. If a Unique ID field is defined, VGT will ensure that no two records are created with the same value for that field. In our example, we've designated Company ID as a unique ID.****


GET List Records

To fetch existing records from a table, simply issue a GET request to the table’s records endpoint: