Version Control Systems are a fairly standard and ubiquitous system now. There remain a few standard options based on git, mercurial, or SVN.

Git is the most common system in use in the industry, with languages like Ruby and Javascript, and operating systems like Linux using git as their version control system. Mercurial is still in use in large areas, such as Facebook - who claim that it is more performant at their scale. SVN remains a slightly older tech in use in pockets of the industry, having been beaten out in popularity in the the early 2010s by git.

Of the Git Systems that can be used, the 3 listed above are quite popular. Each has built in issue management, which can be integrated into other systems like JIRA, Trello, Asana, etc. However, some of them include their own project management interface - such as Github Projects. Other key features of GitHub include: Github Actions (which can be used for Deploys and Continuous Integration), Branch Protection and Pull Request Checks (perfect for integration in Chat Ops), and much more.

Issues @ Scale

Git does experience some issues at scale. This presentation goes over some of the issues: