‘Verified Operators’ is a DAO-curated and approved list of operators that are generally perceived as “safer” to stake with. Verified operators are, in most cases, reputable companies with proven experience in running staking and blockchain infrastructure services. The proposal is aimed to define the vetting process and criteria upon which verified operators will be voted in by the DAO.



ssv.network is an open protocol in which stakers are able to freely choose between the network’s operators. As the network grows, so does the difficulty of choosing between the different service providers in the network.

In addition, Operating a validator requires constant monitoring, maintenance and uptime in order to avoid penalties and slashing. As such, validators require stability and consistency from the operators managing their distributed validator.


• Experience running a blockchain node infrastructure • Familiarity with the SSV protocol • A passion for network integrity and transparency • Self hosted execution (eth1) and consensus (eth2 ) nodes • Operator score above X at time of proposal • Consistent operator score above X (TBD) for at least one week • Currently run at least 10 validators on testnet • Engage and support your stakers (and community) on Discord

Operator Commitments

• Aspire to maximize validator uptime and optimize performance • Perform timely version updates on SSV nodes • Notify stakers when issues occur • Issue a post-mortem case for prolonged downtime (>5 hours) • Promote client diversity; try to support minority clients • Maintain transparency by keeping your operator Explorer Operator Page updated. Notify users of status changes that might affect their validators (i.e., client changes, cloud instance changes, etc.) • Attend synchronous meetings

How Do I Become a Verified Operator?

• Complete the Verified Operators Application Form (TBA). • Wait for the Verified Operator Committee (VOC) to contact you.

Until the committee is formed please follow the legacy application method:



Verified Operator Request [DELIGHT]

Loss of VO Status

You can lose your status as a Verified Operator if any of the following occur:

  1. The DAO votes to remove your VO status.