‘Verified Operators’ are a DAO-curated and approved list of operators that are generally perceived as “safer” to stake with. Verified operators are, in most cases, reputable individuals, companies or entities with proven experience in running staking and blockchain infrastructure services.



Until now, it has been a manual process to opt into the list of ‘Verified Operators’, where an individual, entity or group has submitted a proposal and it has been up to the DAO to decide whether they are worthy of joining such list based on provided context.

The current methodology is difficult to scale, it is a linear process and at times can leave operators in the dark as there’s no clear line of communication to get on such a list. We plan to change this by delegating a working group to these activities. Such group will be in charge of:

For this reason, we are reaching out to the community in order to fund a working group that can dedicate their time to building such a framework. We are transparency-driven individuals and ultimately look to provide an unbiased perspective to SSV consumers when it comes to picking their operators.

Such group would be compensated for their time and service by the DAO. A new proposal will be submitted to the DAO with a list of all members and compensation details.

Given that the working group might discuss technical infrastructure details with new and existing operators, candidates that are not already participating operators of the network will be prioritized as we consider this could infer a potential conflict of interest.

The committee is led by Taiga.