Be reliable: We’re a remote first company and you only have 1 standup/day. For a lot of us, that’s the only call every day. The only thing we ask you to do is to attend standups on time: We can’t stress how important this is. If you cant attend standups, let someone you report to know one day before. It’ll help us not to call you on the day you don’t attend these. If we call you and if you miss our calls, return them immediately when you see them.

Transparency: We should know what you’re working on every single day. If you’re stuck somewhere. Let us know. Everyone in the team can be questioned, including the CEO.

Be resilient & persevere: Get things done. If you’re stuck. Stick to it a little longer and you will be able to figure it out yourself. This is a life hack. Works all the time, everywhere.

Never give up: Shit goes down all the time. Fix it, do not run away from it.

Fly Weeks: We fly for 2 weeks every 3 months to an exotic place and work from there. We love travelling and exploring places.

Personal Growth: If you’re not learning something new this week. Talk to your manager. We want you to grow. Don’t know something? - Learn.

Be ruthless: Get things done. No matter what. Be a little crazy. Hack into systems. Never say - “Oops, I cant get this done”. There’s always a way. Always.

Remote: Work from anywhere and anytime you like. Spend time with family.

Courses: We pay for courses on Udemy. If you want to learn something, let us know. We have a lifelong learning mentality. Most courses are free, If they’re not - we pay for it.

Books: We pay for 1 book/year. We know that’s too less. We eventually want to pay for 24 books/year per employee.

Transparent Payroll: You know how much everyone makes including the founder. We have transparency not just in pay, but everywhere else too! We want to be as transparent as possible.

Learn on the job: When we started this company, we had no idea how business world works. All we had was a vision on where we want to be, determination to learn, little patience, and a lot of perseverance. We learnt on the job and we expect you to do too. There will be many instances where you will have no idea how to do something. In that case - google is your best friend. Google things out. You’ll be surprised on how much you can learn online. We’ve also cataloged few resources for you to learn on the job and have listed them out here

Fair Performace Review: If you deserve a promotion. You will be promoted. Check this document on things that we expect from you if we consider you to be promoted.

Integrity: Be honest all the time. You will lose respect with your peers if you aren’t.

Kindness We value caring for others. Demonstrating we care for people provides an effective framework for challenging directly and delivering feedback. We disagree with companies that say Evaluate People Accurately, Not “Kindly”. We’re all for accurate assessment but we think it must be done in a kind way. Give as much positive feedback as you can and do it in a public way.

Negative is 1-1 Give negative feedback in the smallest setting possible, one-on-one video calls are preferred.

Say thanks Recognize the people that helped you publicly.

Give feedback effectively Giving feedback is challenging, it’s important to deliver it effectively. When providing feedback always make it about the work itself, focus on the business impact and not the person. Make sure to provide at least one clear and recent example. If a person is going through a hard time in their personal life, then take that into account. For managers, it’s important to realize that employees react to a negative incident with their managers six times more strongly than they do to a positive one. Keeping that in mind, when an error is so inconsequential that the value gained from providing criticism is low, it might make sense to keep that feedback to yourself. In the situations where negative feedback must be given, focus on the purpose for that feedback: to improve the employee’s performance going forward. Give recognition generously, in the open and often to generate more engagement from your team.

Get to know each other We use a lot of text based communication and if you know the person behind the text it will be easier to prevent conflicts.