In this exercise, an interview team tries to find one of the values of an interview subject, then verify it carefully.


<aside> ☝ Try this first with interview subjects who are very patient. In your first VETs, it might take an hour of interviewing to get one good value from your subject. Once you've practiced, you can get it down to 10 minutes—more suitable for busy people.


Before your first VET:


Getting Started

  1. Introduce the process. Tell your subject what's about to happen. Something like this:
  2. Choose an aspect of life. You may want to focus on meaningful experiences related to your design project.
  3. Ask about a meaningful time. The easiest way to start is to ask your subject about a meaningful time in their life. It's easiest with a meaningful moment—something that happened over 5 minutes or an hour, rather than over months or years.

The Interview