In all your communication and decision making, be kind. That means assuming good intent in all situations, doing extra work to help out others.

We’re building Vacant Sky to make the lives of people better, a single kind gesture - or simply treating people well, can have a meaningfully positive impact on their lives.

What if someone isn’t kind?

Assume it’s not bad intent and simply ask for clarification, in case someone is being short or brash. It can simply be a bug in communication.

If you’re not comfortable with that, or someone is intentionally being unkind, reach out to your direct manager.


Vacant Sky is the product of all its contributors, not a brainchild of its management. This means that you’re expected to treat it as your own: act in the best benefit of Vacant Sky take ownership of any work you’re doing: don’t just do as you’re being told.

Your ownership extends to every part of our company. If you think we should do something different, even if it’s in a completely different area of the company than the one you’re active in, make a change! This goes from this handbook, to our processes, to our core strategy and product. Everything is mutable.

We trust you. If you think we should be listed somewhere, have an account on any service that will benefit Vacant Sky in some way, just do it! Don’t ask for permission, we believe in you and that your actions and decisions will benefit the company. Make it public what you’re doing and share the account details (with a strong password) in 1Password.


It’s up to you to decide how you do your job at Vacant Sky. This works two ways:

  1. You’re free in deciding, when, where and using what tools you do your job.
  2. You’re expected to always think independently. Always speak up if you have reservations about something, work in a way that you think works best. Take initiative.


We want to delight our customers at every step, no matter what happens. We are to be obsessed with their happiness and success, and even surprise them (in a good way) when possible.

Examples of this are: