This page contains a complete walkthrough of the Hub for Valet Assisters. Only sites accepting drop-off returns will have Valet assisters. Please make sure you have reviewed the "Getting Started" materials before reviewing this guide.

<aside> 🚧 These materials are being updated to reflect the newly redesigned Hub. While the Hub layout has changed, the features have not. Other than screenshots, the content below is accurate. [12/2/21]


<aside> 📎 This guide is also available as a slide presentation for facilitated training.


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The Valet assister is a role at some **Valet VITA **or **drop-off VITA sites. The Valet assister will assist clients in-person with the intake questionnaire and intake review process. Instead of the client filling out the intake questionnaire on the GetYourRefund website, Valet assisters will review the Form 13614-C (the intake questionnaire) with the client, add the client's profile to the Hub, and will upload the client's scanned documents.

The Valet assister will assume the responsibilities of the intake specialist. Once the client has been helped by a Valet assister, the ticket will be able to be assigned to a tax preparer. This role is different than that of a full service assister, which only helps clients complete the GetYourRefund questionnaire.


As Valet assister, your responsibilities are to get returns ready for tax preparation by: