Holidays are wonderful! Taking some time off from work for a staycation, getting out to explore the world, taking time to get on top of life admin, or to spend time with family is super important to your work-life balance and overall happiness. We want to ensure that you take the holiday that you deserve in a way that benefits you, and that you enjoy it!

This policy simply sets out our arrangements for our core team wishing to take holidays (also known as annual leave, or paid time off (PTO)). We won’t tell you where to go or who to go with, but we will tell you about what you need to book the time away from work.

<aside> ☝ This policy covers all our core team members at all levels and grades, but does not cover any auxiliary or contingent team members.


Basic overview

Since we have colleagues spread across different countries and time zones, we've focused on creating a policy that's quite generic irrespective of location and local legislation.

There are some rules and guidance which we must follow in our key regions, USA, Norway, and the UK. At any point, the prevailing legislation in your country of residence or employment takes priority over any policy or guidance we offer.

How many days off are employees entitled to?

We offer no cap on paid holiday days for everyone in our core team. 🌴

We advise you to check your agreement or employment contract if you're wondering how many days off you're entitled to. Everyone in our team is required to take the minimum statutory amount of holidays in your country of residence or entity.

<aside> ☝ For more info about the different contract options we offer check out this page: Contracts


What does that mean? You are able to take as many holidays as you need in any given year; there is no cap. However, all holiday days must be approved by your manager ahead of time, and we expect you and your manager to arrange these days so that they do not disturb your team's ability to complete work.

<aside> ⚡ We suggest you book all holidays while thinking of our overarching policy Our Overarching Policy (if you read one Notion page, make it this one!)


We have minimum (location-specific) holiday quotas you must take each year. ⛷️

Public/Bank/Federal holidays

These days must be booked off as Holiday or Time Off. They are included in your contractual minimum but do not need to be booked on the set calendar day.

Why? Because we want to offer some flexibility, and also acknowledge that not all religions and cultures follow local holiday calendars. For this reason you do not need to take public holiday days on the holiday and can elect to take them around the day. We ask that these are usually booked within a day or two of the public holiday itself (i.e. you can be flexible) and not “saved up” as this may affect your final paycheck if you were to leave the team.

<aside> 📜 You need to manually book these days in on bob. If the days are not booked, you are presumed to be working on the day. Please book in your public holidays now for the rest of the year, even if you may move them nearer the time.