Virtual Reality. Real Fitness

Get fit in this world while you're immersed in another.

VR is not just for playing games anymore. VR has become an effective tool for exercise, too! VRFit wants to help YOU get fit using VR technology.

VRFit is one of the most advanced workout programs available in VR right now which allows users to lose weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle from the comfort of their homes.

With more than 600 exercises and dozens of games that will keep your body moving day after day, VRFit can also be used by people who already have a fitness routine as a supplement - it's never been more affordable and easy-to-use! The possibilities with VRFit are endless thanks to its unique software solution – sign up now!

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Train Balance

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Whether you're 9 or 90, better balance is key to almost every exercise routine. Train your balance like an assassin so you can cross the scariest gaps with ease.

Improve flexibility

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Streeetch and hold. Whether you want to touch your toes or become a master rogue who can dodge every monster's attack, VRFit will help you reach your goals.

Lose weight

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20 minutes of fitness gaming day gets you fit while you're slaying skeletons, killing kobolds, punching robots, and dodging demons.

VRFIt is more than a gym. It's a VR fitness studio where you can train your entire body.

Get the most out of cardio workouts in as little as 20 minutes per day.

So whether you've been looking for a way to slim down before bikini shooting season or an excellent way to increase overall health by keeping moving, VRFit gets your fit on when you game on.