To make sure we work secure, we offer a VPN inlog if you work from home.

This needs to be used if you have access to personal information from our customers (login into NOVA / access customer accounts).

Note: for now we have limited access to our VPN (max 10 users). So make sure to only use it if it's really necessary.

Step 1: No access to our VPN? Reach out!

If you need a VPN, we made an account for you upfront. Please try the steps below before reaching out. If you can’t login then read on below.

If you don't have access to our VPN just yet, reach out to people team via TeamChat, they can grant you an account and will share your login information with you. Make sure to change the password immediately after getting one.

Step 2: Change the password & activate 2FA

  1. go to in your browser

  2. Login with the given information

  3. Download directly the “OpenVPN” tool here:

    Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 09.29.13.png

  4. Click on the button “Change password”

  5. Fill out the granted password

  6. Choose a new (safe & unique) password Preferably: use the password generator from Bitwarden and store your password there.

  7. Repeat password and save it.

Step 3: Setting up the VPN

  1. Open OpenVPN
  2. If your account is not yet there, add a new “profile” using “add” or the orange + icon.
  3. Fill out as the Hostname