<aside> 💡 This is expected to be a rolling initiative, meaning that contributors under this initiative will continue contributing unless voted out or they decide to quit. It doesn’t require explicit reporting as the achievements are visible in reports at the bottom of this page.


[GIP-13] "VIBES" focusing on onboarding & marketing (initiative)

What is VIBES?

Vibes is an initiative that got its own budget as a marketing-oriented spinoff from the main Gearbox DAO. Its goal is to foster new community members to create interesting content (memes, creative design, media, etc. etc.), use the product, describe their experiences, create quality twitter threads or articles with their strategies, and learn from the experience of others. Help in twitter raids to promote the main ideas of the DAO. Reposts, comments, likes.

The multisig address can be found here:

GnosisSafeProxy | Address 0x8aced4217ba809b0f7164cdbaf7c4901bd6575ac | Etherscan

“How to join and what rewards can I expect?”

  1. Start by learning the protocol and use our resources (Twitter, Medium, Notion & Documents) to prepare well for the quiz that will give you the NFT Badge and then the role of Explorer.
  2. Take a new quiz. (Information about it will appear soon in a new article)
  3. Get your discord role using Guild.xyz and link your wallet to VIBESCommunityBot (just send a DM to the bot, it will tell you what to do)
  4. Go to the VIBES metaDAO thread on Discord. Read news and participate in activities. And also come up with opportunities for yourself, if you know how to do what you think will be useful for DAO, just do it and send your work to the #proof-of-work channel
  5. You are already earning points! And we are gradually forming a leaderboard, as a result of which the best participants will receive various awards.