Below is a totally non-comprehensive list of resources that I have found helpful as I navigate from institutional investor turned CPG founder to angel investor and aspiring VC.

About Me

Hi, I'm Jamie 👋🏼. I've got a thing for investing and spent most of my career as a fundamental research analyst investing in public and private credits and equities. I was most recently the founder and CEO of a plant-based jerky company, Watermelon Road where I earned a crash course in all things food/retail/DTC and got to meet some amazing founders along the way. I am currently angel investing while I learn the ins and outs of the venture capital industry. My focus is on early-stage stage companies (pre-seed through Series A) but ideally post-product with some signs of early traction. I will look at anything that ultimately touches the consumer, including consumer brands and marketplaces, consumer tech, and health & wellness. I have a strong preference for investing in female founders (because <3% is not only outrageous but an overlooked opportunity to generate above-market returns), with a secondary desire to get more women onto cap tables and investing roles across the board.

You can reach me on Twitter and LinkedIn, and check out my Medium post(s).


In no particular order aside from where they were located in my inbox... These are all fantastic and this entire Notion could have turned into a Substack reading list. This can also be used as a handy "who to follow on Twitter" list.