Cold emails can be one of the hardest things to get feedback on and feel that it's productive. When done the right way, though, it can be an incredibly effective tool.

The things not to do are just as important as the things to do— focus and intention is your best friend.

Paul Murphy shares his thoughts on how cold-emails should look to make your impression on potential investors.

⬇️ Here's our take on it, in an easily copy-pastable format.

Hi <Investor>,

I'm <name>, and I'm the founder of <company>, which is building <solution> for <problem> to <mission>.

It's an exciting time for <company> because <traction>.

We're currently raising <terms>. Our funding to date is <details>.

Our team is based in <location/remote>, our deck is attached <attach it!> and you can learn more about our work at <website/demo>.

Looking forward to hearing from you! If <company> isn't a good fit, it would be incredibly helpful to get your feedback to help me be more focused and effective going forwards.