22 September 2020

The case against Craig Wright took place again this week on April 5, with court hearings showing that Bruce Reinhart - the Judge of Florida memorized the rulings from the recent Craig Wright case. Furthermore, the attorney representing Kleiman filed 2,136 documents related to Dave Kleiman on April 4. Many of them filed in court last year related to a mysterious woman named Uyen T Nguyen.

Litigators closely watched the case of Kleiman v. Wright

The Kleiman v. Wright, also known as the South Florida Court case 9: 18-cv-80176, is one of the 10 most watched legal cases in the state of Florida. The reason is that this story may contain information about one of the most fascinating mysteries in the crypto world. The lawsuit began on 14 February, 2018 and revolves around allegations that 47-year-old Craig Wright helped create Bitcoin along with South Florida computer security expert - David Kleiman (now deceased).

But the plaintiffs (the Kleiman family) accused Wright of defrauding Kleiman's inheritance. Craig Wright concocted a sophisticated scheme to assert dominance over bitcoin and intellectual property of Dave and W&K, these claimants are from case #9:18-cv-80176 .


News.Bitcoin.com reported on a recently discovered statement describing how Kleiman Schiller Flexner and Boies Schiller Flexner's attorney - Devin Freedman - explained the Satoshi Nakamoto story involved in the proceedings.

The finding also notes that Wright and Ira Kleiman will be deposed on 4 April and 8 April respectively. The copy explores more in detail how the Kleiman estate contains thousands of documents belonging to David Kleiman, and on 2 April, 2,136 documents were found.

A lot of documents created in the past have been sent in the past 30 days. The content of the document shows that there was a complicated relationship between Wright and Kleiman with bitcoin in the early years. Furthermore, the two have joined together in a string of companies such as W&K Info Defense Research, Co1n Ltd., and a few others. Furthermore, Kleiman and Wright allegedly signed a trust together called the “Tulip Trust” and this binding agreement is said to be located in the Seychelles for around 1 million BTC.


Finding information about Uyen T Nguyen is actually extremely difficult, but the allegation information showed that she appeared shortly before Wright deleted his old Twitter account in the first week of May 2016 after Gavin Andresen’s incident. A few old posts and Reddit posts mention that the famous cryptocurrency advocate, known as “Bitcoin Belle”, shared information about this young woman.

According to the posts, Belle didn't like Nguyen and seemed to know more than most people at the time. Since then, however, all of Belle's tweets about Wright have been removed from the site.

Nguyen and her signature can be seen in a whole bunch of documents recently filed with the court, and one particular document, called Appendix 11, shows that Nguyen lent Wright 650,000 BTC in exchange for a mortgage. However, security experts Wizsec have published research claiming that the BTC addresses named in that particular document are actually owned by Mt.Gox and the exchange’s cold wallet. In fact, Wizsec claims that all documents filed with the court with unique addresses are quite likely not to belong to Wright, Kleiman or Nguyen.


Both Wright and Nguyen have trading accounts at Mt.Gox although Wright's Mt.Gox account was registered in April 2013 and Nguyen's account was registered later that year. According to Wizsec, Wright sent thousands of dollars worth of BTC to Nguyen in 2013, and security experts say that all BTC sent to Nguyen came from Wright's account. The Wizsec report also details that the addresses sent in the Kleiman v. Wright had only one thing in common: At some point, they held a significant amount of bitcoin.