08.12.22 - Caring for the Far Future

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<aside> 🌎 What are the best ways to help future generations? Is it actually possible to positively influence the long-term future? How big could our future be?



17.11.22 - Rowan Lund

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<aside> 📻 How is family planning leading to better health, education, and economic outcomes? How can radio communication help couples make better family planning decisions?


03.11.22 - Jodi Darwood

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<aside> 🐓 How can we end the abuse of animals raised for food? How do we get major corporate companies to go cage-free? What could the animal advocacy movement be getting wrong?

Come on down to G25 Reynolds Room in the Wills Memorial Building, where Jodi Darwood will answer these questions and more!

Jodi Darwood is the Campaigns Coordinator at The Humane League UK. She previously worked for Compassion in World Farming and has a Master's degree in Animal Law and Society from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


25.10.22 - Richard Pettigrew

<aside> 🌐 Relevant Links


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