<aside> ⚠️ what3words is only available in the new TomTom equipped Eclipse Cross


Welcome to our Mitsubishi deep dive! Below you should find everything you need to start using what3words in your Mitsubishi.



  1. Overview
  2. Getting started
  3. Navigating to what3words addresses
  4. Key Features
  5. Technical Information
  6. Troubleshooting / FAQs


what3words has been added to the restyled Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Drivers can now navigate to any 3 metre square in the world by typing three words directly into the car’s TomTom navigation system.


How do I get started?


System Requirements

what3words is available in the new TomTom equipped Eclipse Cross. As the system is fully embedded, no additional app or connectivity is required.

Navigating to a what3words address

Text input

  1. Tap the search bar
  2. Enter the what3words address of your destination e.g. late.noodle.panel. The words must be separated by dots (Tip: long press the “.'” key to input a dot)
  3. Confirm your destination from the options displayed and start the navigation