Manage charging sites

You might be an installer, owner, operator or an administrator on one or multiple charging sites. The Easee portal is the management tool for being able to manage the charging sites your have a responsibility in. Although some functions in the portal may be accessible for end users we recommend daily use of your Easee charger is done within the Easee app. The portal gives you much more technical insight and functions not offered from within the app.

Search & Find sites

In order to find the site you are looking for the easiest way to find it is by searching. When searching for a site you can search for various parameters like:


The tools section in "managing charging sites" allows you to make settings for the site in general.

Site Info

Edit the sites information like; Site type, address, name etc.


Look at the sites structure like min fuse, circuits and edit names of them.


Add or remove other administrator users for the site