Part 1 : Overview

The Problem

<aside> 💸 Full break down of productivity cost sources here (download PDF - look in chapter 4).


<aside> 💤 Sleep deprived : getting less than 7hrs of sleep per night (for adults in the working class).


Status Quo

In the US, 27% of people report having difficulty sleeping daily and 68% report having difficulty sleeping at least once a week.

PS: stats bellow pertain to the US.

Summary of ⬆️

  1. Poor sleep has detrimental effects on your productivity and health over time.
  2. Sleep deprivation is linked to a few key disorders, most of which aren't easily cured. Insomnia is the most treatable sleep affecting disorder. It effects 22% of the population and causes $77.05B - $92.13B in productivity losses.