Production operators can also add stop reasons using a barcode reader. This is useful when they are already accustomed to using barcodes, and there is no need to introduce a new way of registering stops.

How to get barcodes for stop reasons?

If all the stop groups and stop reasons are defined in Settings then you just need to print them out by using the “Save stops as barcodes” button.

  1. Go to Settings and Stops.

  2. Click on the “Save stops as barcodes” button in the top right corner, this will download the barcodes as a PDF file.

  3. Print out the barcodes.

How does the scanning with a barcode reader work?

When entering stop reasons with a barcode scanner you should keep in mind the following:

  1. The barcode reader needs to be in connection to the computer where you use Evocon.
  2. The barcodes are station specific. For example, if you scan a barcode that is for a Filling machine, but in Shift View the Packing machine is open, then you will get an error and the system does not add the stop reason.
  3. If you scan a stop reason then it goes to the last uncommented production stop.
  4. If you scan a new barcode, but there are no stops without reasons added, then the new stop reason replaces the last stop that has a comment.