<aside> 💡 On this page resources we find helpful for hosting Twitter Spaces and using Twitter in general.

<aside> ✅ Key Twitter accounts to follow:


❗️Important info about Twitter Spaces for guest speakers

  1. You will need your phone to join as a speaker - you can’t join from desktop.
  2. Please mute yourself when you aren’t speaking - otherwise there is feedback noise 💔
  3. To pin a tweet in a Twitter Space, use the Share icon on the tweet, then choose the Space from the sharing options. The host, co-host, or any speaker can pin and unpin tweets in the Space.

❗️For hosts & co-hosts

How to host a Space

To remove a tweet from the nest:

Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 02.37.26.png

How to Make a Twitter List

How to use Advanced Search

For writing threads



To unroll a thread


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The Big List of Twitter Tools: 93 Free Twitter Tools and Apps to Fit Any Need

93 Free Twitter Tools & Apps That Do Pretty Much Everything

A script to block everyone who liked a certain tweet.


Likers Blocker

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