The purpose of this guide is to provide our Game Server and Minecraft clients guidance for using an external FTP application to access SFTP. This enables clients to upload larger files and manage everything within their game server directory easily outside the panel. The list below outlines the various sections within this guide.

FileZilla - Downloading and Installing the Program

SFTP Credentials - Obtaining your credentials to use in FileZilla

🔗 FileZilla

To get started, the external application that will be covered in this guide is FileZilla. But there are a number of applications that serve the same purpose.

🔗 SFTP Credentials

Copy the "Connection Address" field and paste it into the "Host" field of FileZilla.

Copy the "Username" field and paste it into the "Username" field of FileZilla.

Enter your Game Control Panel Password in the "Password" field of FileZilla and press Quickconnect. You should now be connected to your server's FTP.