Last update: November 14, 2020

Guest User

A Guest can access the platform without making a registration. A Guest can:

  1. Navigate within the platform
  2. See the premises and their information
  3. Check the availability and costs of the various spaces


User A Basic User has registered.

A "User" can do everything a Guest does, plus:

  1. Make a reservation
  2. Save favorite places
  3. See people who have booked shared spaces (if they have shared it voluntarily)
  4. Set up their details
  5. Suggest new places
  6. Invite friends to use the service
  7. Set the language
  8. Manage communications
  9. Creating a public web page
    1. The user can decide to create a personal public web page, reachable from a dedicated website (eg. from which it is possible, if work emails and / or telephone numbers are entered, to save the contact card directly on your device, like a business card. The data that can be shown are:
      1. Name Surname
      2. City
      3. Website
      4. Profession
      5. Information (biography or personal info of work)
      6. Availability of work
      7. Volunteer yes or no
      8. Contacts that can be saved
      9. Work email
      10. Phone number

User Manager