User persona 1


After carrying out our brainstorming we decided to create 3 different user personas so that we can get a grasp on who we are designing for and what they need. In each of them we added their name, age and occupation and also their interests, goals and pain points. These will help us gain more of an insight of what my users are like.

The first user persona we created was for a primary school teacher aged 43 and she spends her days marking a creating lesson plans for the weeks ahead. Her goals are to spend more time with family, loose weight and read a book which can be hard when she has to create her lesson plans. So she would need an app that would allow her to read and mark work easily and allow her to plan lessons quickly and efficiently.

User persona 2



The second user persona we created is about a primary school student called Daisy aged 10 in primary 7 who spends her week days in school and then her weekends playing with friends. Her goals are to improve her reading skills, learn long division and join her local gymnastics team. Her pain points are her annoying younger brother, not good with technology and doesn't understand technical jargon. Daisy would need an app that allows her to learn what she wants to learn and that is easy for her to understand and also fun too use.


User Persona 3


Our last user persona we created was for the father of Daisy who is called Michael and h is aged 35, he works Monday to Friday and coaches football at the weekends. His goals are too get fitter, go outside more, become more patient, and help his daughter Daisy with her school work. His pain points are he is computer illiterate, works long hours and is fatigued from work. Michael would need an app that allows him to easily help Daisy do her school work and allow him to be able to help her with her long division.