User management and user rights are important to determine which factories and production stations different users have access to. We can define users by their roles/types in the company and the access rights (read & write or read-only) they have are dependant on those roles.

Read & write access gives users the right to both access and change captured production data of the stations that are connected to Evocon.

Read-only mode restricts the user to only see the information of a production station but not make any changes in it.

More information on read-only rights and how to apply it here.

What are the different users in Evocon?

There are 4 different user types in Evocon

Each of the users has different access rights to the production data.

For more detailed information on each individual role and how to create users with these roles, follow the links below:

How to add and manage Company administrators?

How to add and manage Factory administrators?

How to add and manage Office users?

How to add and manage Shift View users?

If you have any questions about user rights and how to manage them, then do not hesitate to contact our support.