1. Desktop tools are the safest on the market. LinkedIn can recognize your browser extensions because they inject code into the website.
  2. You will use your own real IP. No proxy or cloud infrastructure providers. It's your computer and your real IP.
  3. We don't do any automation. LinkedIn fights against spam and has commercial use limits. This is why sending lots of connection requests and messages in a short period of time can get you into trouble. We don't send any messages or connection request programmatically. All messages are typed and send manually by the yourself.
  4. You log in with your LinkedIn password directly into LinkedIn website. Your password isn't stored neither locally nor in the cloud. There are no bots that automatically log you in and solve captha's on your behalf.
  5. We help you respect the limits set by LinkedIn. We make you aware of the remained capacity towards hitting your daily limit.
  6. We use a headless browser with fingerprints that mimics standard user behavior.
  7. If you are still concerned you can use the "read only mode". With it you can disable the sending feature. You will be able to read and store your messages locally. For sending you will be redirected to the right LinkedIn conversation thread.

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