Every public user account automatically generates a Profile Page to show the community who you are. The profile comes with a group of Settings to edit your public information, customize your Notifications, view your private Watchlist, and deactivate your account.

<aside> 💡 Note: Organizations can choose to make all of their members’ profiles private to the rest of the Golden community.


Accessing Settings

You can update your settings at any time by accessing your settings link from the Profile Dropdown in the top right of any screen on Golden.


General Tab

The first tab on your Settings page ('General') is for updates to your public profile, like your Bio, but will also allow you to reset your password.


Notifications Tab

Users can update their email notifications, like if they receive the Golden Newsletter, on the second tab labeled 'Notifications'. See how to update your notifications here: Notifications.

Watching Tab

The third tab on your Settings page ('Watching') is a list of Topics that you have added to your Watchlist. These will not be visible on your public profile and can only be seen by you.

<aside> 👀 To learn how to add Topics to your Watchlist (private) or your Favorites (public), read the following article: Watching & Favoriting.



Danger Zone Tab

The final tab on your Settings page ('Danger Zone') is for deactivating your account.


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