I live in email and treat it like a messenger.  Please don’t be offended by the brevity of my emails.

I do not respond to every email.

Please don’t call, text, or dm.

Email is also my todo list. If we talk about something and you want me to do it please send me a reminder.

If you don’t hear back from me within a few days, feel free to bump the thread once.

I do my own scheduling and generally suck at it. If we don’t set up a calendar invite there is a good chance I totally forget about it.

I try to ignore my email on the weekends. Try being the operative word.

I read all my Twitter DMs and some LinkedIn DMs. I rarely respond.

I practice double opt-in introductions unless it is an intro to someone truly amazing where the fit is perfect.  Please do the same for me.

I can be truly incompetent about trivial things. I am absent minded. I have ADD and it is legit.

I have a now page where you can find where I am now and what I am working on.


I quite dislike setting up a call or meeting to “chat” without an agenda.

You might find me rude if I refuse a meeting or ask to do it over email. Sorry. I am just trying to save us both wasted time.


Ideas are meaningless.  Validated ideas are priceless.

I generally invest in B2B or B2B2C companies.  I rarely do anything in consumer, but I occasionally break that rule.

I don’t invest in crypto, hard sciences, bio, chips, chemistry or really any sector where I cannot be of any help in your journey.

Please send me a deck, a summary or at least a paragraph first. I use these to make sure we are not wasting each other’s time.