The Updating Process

There has been some work done in the last 12 months to review the User Guide and establish some processes for keeping it relevant. We are in the early stages of implementing this process. See below for a summary of what we do currently, as well as how to get access to edit the user guide.

Current Process

Editing the User Guide

User Guide Updating Team

The User Guide is currently updated by Louise (UK) and Emily (AUS) but we have lots of keen folks who want to be more involved.

Proposed User Guide Team

Global Gathering - Next Steps

The Global Gathering is an amazing opportunity for all of us to get together in real time to talk about how we want the User Guide to be managed. I've compiled a list of some of the questions we want to answer at the Global Gathering.

Global Gathering

Suggested Processes

Here's an example of a format we could use to add and allocate User Guide update tasks for the team. I've populated it with a few tasks we have on our to-do list in Aus so you can see how it might work.

Content Tasks