What is Webaverse?


Webaverse is a game. Or, it's more than a game. It's a world that contains infinite games. And hopefully it's a world that contains infinite games within a world that might one day contain infinite worlds.

Webaverse is a community. Built in conjunction with communities like Discord and atop existing open standards and technologies, we're making Webaverse for and with the help of people like you.

Webaverse is freedom. Play in any browser without downloading anything. Bring in your own weapons and fire away. Drag and drop into the Webaverse your own custom avatars and share your own identity, whatever that may be. Hell, build your own amphibious bomber-drone or construct a zoo for flying gorilla tigers! Webaverse enables you to shape the world as you see fit. Tell your own story and then take it with you when you leave!

Webaverse is what's next; a model for tomorrow's metaverse; one that is open, interoperable and most importantly fun!

What is Webaverse? Really, when it comes down to it, Webaverse is YOU. And even better, it's YOURS.



User Interface

Before diving in, let's take a look at the user interface. You can change the environments, turn your mic on or off, see the wearables being used by your avatar and much more.


  1. Character Menu
    1. You can press 'Tab' at any point or select the 'Character' menu to the upper left of the interface.
    2. The Character Menu is like your inventory; anything you pick up can be accessed there. For Example, the sword, pistol, potion etc. Look at an item's stats, organize or even just drop items you don't want to be carrying anymore.
  2. Quick Select Menu
    1. The Quick Select Menu is a set of hotkeys that allow you to quickly change your equipped weapons or shields.
    2. In the middle of a fight with a swamp rat and your trusty sword, The Trusty Rat Killer loses its edge? You need to change to your backup sword, My Number One (Or Commander Riker) as quick as possible; before this swamp rat takes more than just your edge! Type the key for the corresponding hotkey and that wet rodent's a goner. Here's just hoping all its friends didn't hear it squeal...
  3. Environment Menu
    1. Shows a list of all your available Environments.
    2. The Environment Menu is like a teleporter to another world. Select the .scn file you want to load and then you and all your equipment will be lifted from your current environment and whisked into another.
    3. And, remember, Environments, just like equipment, vehicles or avatars can be user generated and deployed. Don't like that wall being there or the color of the sky? Just change it! And then share it with others so they can see your beautiful chartreuse sky too!
  4. Room Menu
    1. Enables you to Create a Room (coming soon)
    2. The Room Menu lists all those private rooms that you've either created or been invited to by others.
    3. Private Rooms are just what they sound like; places in Webaverse where you're alone by default. You can interact with the invited members in the rooms. You can design these rooms just like any other Environments, share them with whomever you like and like their true progenitor, the Tardis, they can even be bigger on the inside than they are on the outside.
  5. Mic Toggle
    1. Press 'T' or select the microphone icon near the top right of your interface to turn your mic on or off for voice chat.
  6. Log In
    1. Connect your wallet to the app
    2. It's not necessary to login to play Webaverse, but the real fun begins when you do.
    3. Logging in via discord is really simple, All you need to do is to to click on "Discord" and it will take you to our discord
    4. To login through Metamask wallet, you need to click on "Metamask" and it will take you to metamask authorization page. Authorize it and now your wallet is connected to webaverse.
    5. By default, logging in via Discord will generate/connect your unique address on our Ethereum sidechain. Alternatively, you can login with Metamask and bring in (or out) any assets you'd like. Such as that image of the Martian Deed your wife bought you for your birthday and you need everyone to know you have just in case there's ever an ownership dispute during the 2075 Martian Land Boom.
  7. Token Menu
    1. Press 'Z' or select the World button on the top left of your interface to open the Token Menu.
    2. The Token Menu lists all the interactable objects in the current Environment, be they swords, vehicles, buildings or cards. You can then select any of these items and change their location on the map, their characteristics such as size.
    3. If the Character Menu is like your inventory, the Token menu is the inventory for the Environment. And eventually, it might be a bit more like those dungeon maps in Zelda, where you can see the item you're looking for on a map in perspective.