Our User Data service provides historical data for a given account.

This includes daily balance history across assets, markets and farms for a given time period along with pricing.

All historical response data will show exactly where the account's assets are currently located (e.g. idle in wallet, invested in a liquidity pool, etc.) . For example if an address currently has some wETH in their wallet, some deposited in a pool, and the LP tokens of that pool staked in a farm, the historical data response will show exactly how much the account owns in each location.

Important ❗

This service requires full integration with our Pusher event client to be used efficiently.

Full documentation on this can be found here under the Pusher section.


While requesting user history data, you can include a filters object in the body of the request.

Each filter can be used on their own, or in combination with other filters.

  markets?: string[];
  assets?: string[];
  protocols?: string[];
  chains?: number[];
  timeRange?: 'W' | 'M' | 'Y' | 'A';
  withHistory?: boolean;
  walletOnly?: boolean;


Accepts one or many market addresses.

For each given market address, the response will include history for said market and any associated farms and assets. All other user information will not be returned.


Accepts one or many token addresses.