Dive’s Timer is an easy way to make sure that your meeting runs smoothly and doesn’t go over time.

On the right side of your Meeting you have the Agenda tab. When you create your meeting agenda, you’ll see a small clock icon along with the words Duration under each app that you’ve added.


Once you click Duration, you’ll be able to set how long you want this activity to run for.


Set a timer for each activity in your agenda. Once you start the meeting, the timer will automatically run for the allotted time. All meeting participants will be able to view the timer as well, so everyone knows when it’s time to move onto the next activity.

Extending or stopping the timer

If your team is immersed in an activity and you want to give them more time, click +5min at the top of the meeting agenda to extend the time. Once the extra time is complete, the agenda will move on to the next item. You can add minutes to an agenda item at any point in the meeting and as many times as you need to.

If your team has finished earlier than expected, simply click NEXT ITEM at the top of the meeting agenda to stop the timer earlier and move onto the next item.