Focus on USPs of Ocean for Data Scientists

The Ocean Marketplace has lots of datasets available. Many of these are not available elsewhere due to privacy concerns. However, most of this data is not used.

Private vs public

We have developed a number of use cases for data scientists to earn.

  1. Process Data

Often there is a difference between the format given by the data provider and the format needed for the data science model. Process data and sell processing scripts or the processed dataset. Maybe you processed a dataset into a format more suitable for data science models. Spend some time cleaning a dataset.

  1. Pseudo-Label Data

Develop a model to help label data?

  1. Build models

Build and sell models. model marketplace

  1. Build apps

Build and sell apps. App marketplace. What if you've made a

  1. Invest in Datasets

Become an investor in promising new datasets. When datasets are first posted on the Ocean marketplace, their quality and worth is unknown. As a data scientist, you are uniquely equipped to act as curator for the quality of datasets. Write visualisation scripts or test the statistics of data. Use the results to invest in high-quality datasets, are sell the findings to other data investors. Create leaderboards of datasets based on your findings.

Onshore Ocean Pitch - New Twitter Post by Julian Martinez

Initial Onshore Ocean pitch

Green and Purple Bold Motivation Workshop Webinar Keynote Presentation - Presentation (16:9) by Julian Martinez

V2 of Pitch

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